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I could be loud man I could be silent
I could be young man or I could be old
I could be a gentleman or I could be violent
I could turn hot man or I could be cold
I could be just like the calm before the storm boy waiting for all hell yeah to break loose
I could be innocent or I could be guilty
Doesn't mean that I won't believe in the news so I'm singing

I could be rich like a wondering gypsy
I could be poor like a fat wallet lost
I could be the first man or I could come last
It's not who breaks the ribbon boy it's how you get across
I could be red blue black or white sunset as dark as a day boy or bright as a night
I could be the sun boy or I could be the moon
I made it from the stars boy I'm shining so bright so I'm singing

I could be asleep boy or I could be awake
I could be alive and a be the walking dead
I could be ignorant or I could be informed
I could lead my life man or I could be lead
I could be anything I put my mind to boy all I gotta do is give myself a half a chance
I could bring love back into my life
And share it with the world if I got some balance

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